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Terms & Conditions of Hire:

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the Hirer will be the person who hires a photo booth from Glasgow Photo Booth Hire.


Glasgow Photo Booth Hire wants all of our guests to enjoy a happy hassle-free night of fun and laughter when hiring one of our booths.  To this end it is very important that a few simple rules are observed by the Hirer and their guests on the night, to ensure a good time is had by all. 

Please always follow the instructions of the booth attendants, they are there to help you have a good time, but they also have a responsibility to protect the valuable equipment in the booth itself and to avoid injury to our guests.

No Glasses or Bottles or Food to be taken into the Booth

Please do not jump about inside the Booth, or lift anyone inside the Booth, as this can be very dangerous and can cause damage to the Booth

The Maximum number of people allowed in the Booth is 6

Please listen carefully to the Attendants instructions as they have the final say

The Attendants will not accept any aggressive or abusive behavior and will close the Booth if this occurs

1. Glasgow Photo Booth Hire reserve the right to charge the full agreed price if cancellation happens anytime after 1 month prior to the booking date as specified on the booking form, and also if any of the terms and conditions contained herein are not met on the day of the event

2. If Glasgow Photo Booth Hire fails for any reason to carry out the agreed terms of the contract/booking form their liability will be limited to a full refund of any monies paid by the client to Glasgow Photo Booth Hire.

3. The Hirer agrees to pay Glasgow Photo Booth Hire for any damage to our booth or the equipment contained within or outside the booth that may be caused by the hirer or their guests, up to and including the full costs of repair or replacement of any items damaged

4. Glasgow Photo Booth Hire reserve the right to refuse entry or use of any of our photo booths to any person who in their opinion is unfit through drink or is aggressive or whose behavior is deemed to be unsuitable or dangerous, if at anytime the attendant/attendants feel threatened by the behavior of the hirers or their guests, the photo booth will be closed down and removed with no refund of charges.

5. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when using the booth

6. It may be necessary to change the paper and ink during a hire, the client agrees that this is a necessary interruption and Glasgow Photo Booth Hire will add any time lost carrying out this task to the hire period

7. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that a suitable area, as stated on the booking form of 3mx2mx2m is made available for the erection of the photo booth and this includes this area being safe for the spreading out of equipment during erection and dismantling of the Booth. Glasgow Photo Booth Hire will not accept any claim for damages or injury incurred if a suitably safe area is not provided for the erection and operation of the Photo Booth. Also, we will not work in any area where the booth attendants feel that they are exposed to wind, rain, or cold. The attendants may refuse to build the photo booth in any area that they feel is unsuitable or dangerous.

8. The hirer and their guests accept that any injury or damage caused to the hirer or any guest of the hirer due to their use of the photo booth or magic mirror, is at the hirer or their guests own risk and they accept that they will not hold Glasgow Photo Booth Hire responsible for any such incident.

9. If the hirer books a Magic Mirror Photo Booth this does not come with a background, and must be placed with the back of the Magic Mirror against a solid wall or pillar to avoid the mirror being knocked over, we will not trail wires as these are a health and safety issue, it is, therefore, the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that a suitable area is available in close proximity to an electrical socket, to avoid trailing wires.

10. The glass on the front of the Magic Mirror is very robust, but the hirer agrees to reimburse Glasgow Photo Booth Hire for any damage caused to this glass by the hirer or their guests up to the full cost of replacement.

11. The Magic Mirror can only be sited upstairs if suitable elevator access is available, Under No Circumstances will the Magic Mirror be carried upstairs, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that they make their venue aware that these requirements for suitable access are available. Glasgow Photo Booth Hire will accept no responsibility if these access requirements are not provided and will refuse to operate the booth in these circumstances, with no refund of charges incurred by the client from Glasgow Photo Booth Hire 

12. Both a completed, signed booking form and the £100 deposit must be returned to Glasgow Photo Booth Hire before any booking can be held or confirmed.

13. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that when they pay their deposit or balance payment by bank transfer, that they make sure that they use their name as the reference when making this payment as we receive a lot of payments through bank transfer and if there is no proper reference attached to the payment we cannot be responsible for confirming their payment. The hirer will be responsible for confirming that any payment made is properly authenticated by them in these circumstances

14. If a client decides to cancel their booking for whatever reason after the deposit is paid, then they agree that the deposit is non-refundable 
15. The Client accepts that If there is no off-street parking available at the client's event venue, any Parking Charges or Parking Penalty's Incurred By Glasgow Photo Booth Hire must be paid by the client

16. The client accepts that Glasgow Photo Booth Hire will provide their services up to but no later than

11 pm at any event unless specifically agreed in writing to the client prior to the return of the booking form from the client to Glasgow Photo Booth Hire 

17. The client accepts that we operate a fair usage policy which means that once any guest has taken their pic in the photo booth or magic mirror they must move to the back of the queue before taking a second pic as this allows each guest or group of guests a fair chance to get their pic taken, guests can have their pic taken as many times as they like during the hire period, but to allow everyone a fair time in the booth they must move to the back of the queue once they have taken a pic.

18. Please do not sign the booking form provided if you do not agree in full with all of the contents of these terms and conditions. Once the client signs the booking form it is taken as read that they have accepted the terms and conditions in full.